Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System

Drug And Alcohol Policy

All personnel at this site engaged in the performance of their duties shall be free of the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or other prohibited substances.

No personnel shall use legal drugs illicitly nor shall they use, process, distribute, buy or sell alcohol or illegal drugs while engaged in the performance of their employment.

The Company shall have the right to conduct random testing on any person during their employment.

Any person tested positive for substance abuse shall be removed immediately from the Company premises and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Company in addition to any penalties imposed by the relevant Governmental Authorities.

This Drug Abuse and Alcohol Policy shall apply to all Global Workboats Pte Ltd personnel both onshore and offshore.

Green Hat Policy

All Company vessels shall operate a 'Green Hat Policy'. The Green Hat Policy shall be such that a green safety helmet is issued to certain personnel on the vessel so that other personnel will be aware of the fact that these personnel may be more susceptible to possible dangers on the vessels than other, more experienced personnel.

Six Green hats will be stored in the vessel wheelhouse for issue to the following categories of personnel.

  • All personnel under 21 years of age.
  • All personnel new to the industry.
  • All day visitors to the vessel.

Health, Safety, Security And Environmental Protection Policy

Global Workboats Pte Ltd shall ensure maximum safety and security in all of its operations thus preventing injury, loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment.

We each shall exercise our individual responsibility for health, safety, security and environmental protection in all of our activities and strive for continuous improvement.

Health, Safety, Security And Environmental Objectives:

  • To ensure maximum health, safety, security and environmental protection levels in the operation, by identifying and then assessing all risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards.
  • To ensure that the Company complies with all applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the Organisation, Administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organisations.
  • To create a culture of health, safety, security and environmental awareness within the Organisation at every level.
  • To report all illnesses, injuries, unsafe acts, near misses and dangerous occurrences and to respond to these reports quickly and effectively to neutralize such dangers and prevent reoccurrence.
  • To create an environment of continuous improvement with regard to meeting these objectives.

The management of GLOBAL WORKBOATS PTE LTD is committed to fulfill the above objectives by providing adequate support, resources and training.

No Carboard Policy (In Food Storage Spaces)

All spaces on this vessel used for storing food shall be maintained free of cardboard products. Cardboard products are a breeding ground for cockroaches and other insects.

All food produce stored on this vessel shall be stored in the plastic containers provided. This applies to the dry provisions store, the chiller store and the freezer store as well as any additional container units housed externally to store food produce. Food produce shall be removed from the cardboard packing on arrival onboard the vessel and transferred to the appropriate plastic containers.

The master shall check on this during his weekly inspection rounds of the vessel. The Camp Boss is responsible as the Masters deputy to ensure that this policy is fully implemented and adhered to.

Quality Policy

It is the objective of Global Workboats Pte Ltd to deliver a quality service at all levels to delight our customers and client's.

In order to achieve this, Global Workboats Pte Ltd is committed to developing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System.

Within this system, Quality Objectives will be set by the Management Team. These Quality Objectives include:-

  • Employing dedicated personnel with the appropriate qualifications, skills, training, attitude and cultural awareness,
  • Identifying training needs and ensuring that employees receive adequate training,
  • Achieving, maintaining and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our service at every level,
  • Providing our clients with the confidence that our Quality Objectives are being achieved,
  • Achieving these objectives within budget and required schedules.

To ensure these Quality Objectives are achieved, it is the responsibility of Global Workboats Pte Ltd to ensure systems and procedures are both maintained and developed with the objective of continuous improvement.

Stop Work Policy

Here at Global Workboats Pte Ltd we believe that "Our personnel are our most valuable asset".

To reiterate our HSE commitment therefore, all employees, contractors and sub-contractors are authorized to and shall:

STOP or postpone any activity if it is believed that it cannot be done without risking harm to Life, Environment, Assets or the Reputation of the Company

Should this situation arise, personnel shall seek immediate advice from the immediate supervisor.